Genesis The Lamb lies down on Broadway

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Genesis The Lamb lies down on Broadway

Charisma 6641226

2 LP, Gatefold

Deutschland 1974

with original Innersleeve + Textbeilage

Vinyl: VG+

Cover: VG


Seite 1:

the Lamb lies down on Broardway

Fly on a Windshield

Broadway Melody of 1974

Cuckoo Cocoon

in the Cage

the grand Parade of livelessPackaging

Seite 2:

Back in N.Y.C.

Hairless Heart

Counting out Time

Carpet Crawl

The Chamber of 32 Doors

Seite 3:

Lilywhite Lilith

the waiting Room


Here comes the supernatural Anaesthetist

the Lamia

Silent Sorrow in empty Boats

Seite 4:

the Colony of Slipperman


the Light dies down on Broadway

Riding the Scee

In the Rapids